CFR2410 Convertible
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More and more demanding requests in a continuously changing sphere challenge todays event services also concerning the sound.

For over twenty years Shiva has focussed on developing and supplying the best tools for event specialists. Electro acoustic transducer systems have been established as mobile loudspeakers to be used in a variety of different ways.

In an innovative approach, Shiva has now found a new answer. It is the concept of the versatile hybrid Shiva Convertible. Developed by most modern and progressive loudspeaker technology APT and embedded in the power of DSP-control, it brings up a versatility and economic efficiency unknown of before.

Shiva Convertible stands for a new class of PA-systems which can be used alone or in groups, as an acoustic point source or as a line source for building line-arrays. Excellent results are reached in both modes which equal and surpass previous specialized types of loudspeakers in many respect.

Without compromise in quality this system can be established flexibly in almost any kind of place and event, from the opera to a Goa-party, from a general meeting to Rock‘n‘Roll.

Shiva is proud to present the new
Shiva CFR 2410 Convertible!